It was a white Christmas

It was the Christmas Eve. The snow began to fall, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Soon it was howling outside the window like a wild animal.
The room was dark - there was only a little light coming from the glowing embers in the fireplace. Two little kids were sitting by the fireplace. They were playing with a small toy tank that they had gotten as a Christmas gift.
A big dog was lying in front of the fireplace asleep. He opened his eyes and looked at the children and smiled at them. The children stopped their game and hugged him gently around his neck.
"Duke...You are such a good dog..." Said one of the kids with a happy smile on her face. "I love you..."
Suddenly, Duke raised his front paws in fear, his ears were on alert listening to some strange noise in the distance. He began to howl so loud that his howls filled up the whole room!
"Shut up, Duke!" Said one of the kids with an angry voice. Duke continued to howl like mad, then the sound of thunder began to roar outside!
At that moment all three of them jumped up from their chairs!  It looked like something terrible was going to happen.
Then suddenly, a magic green light came down from heaven and covered everything around them!  They could see an amazing white world around them. Raindrops began to fall on top of their heads.
Then, it started snowing again harder than before, but this time it wasn't just snowflakes falling from heaven, it was tiny little Christmas presents!!
The kids grabbed as many presents as they could catch from thin air – it seemed like there will never be enough presents for them, and they were happy, so happy that tears came into their eyes.
And finally, when they closed their eyes, they realized that every single present under their tree this year was given by Santa Claus himself, and he had brought enough for every kid in America too, only because of two little kids named Tom and Lisa that believed in him so much on this Christmas Eve.
There were no more tears left in Tom's eyes, and he was smiling again, looking at this wonderful white world surrounding him now, thinking about what Santa Claus did only because of two kids who believed in him so much.
"You see Lisa?" He said "I told you Santa Claus will come! This is real magic!"
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