The Day I met Ollie
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I was so happy when I got an invitation from my mom to go with her and my father to the forest. I was so excited that I could not sleep the whole night. I saw this forest for the first time and I was amazed by its beauty. The trees were so tall and the leaves were so green. The smell of pine was also very pleasing.
It was a sunny day when we went there. The temperature was perfect and the sun was warm. We were planning to have a picnic there. We set up the blanket and sat down on it. My father took out the food and we started eating. My mother brought plastic cups and poured the lemonade. We had chips, cheeses, fruits, and sweets in the basket. I was eating a sandwich when I saw a dog coming towards us. He was black in color with a white muzzle. He wagged his tail when he saw me. I threw him a piece of cheese. He did not hesitate and gulped it down. My father told me that his name was Ollie and he was a stray dog.
I asked my father if he could come to our house. My father said that we could keep him with us only if I could feed him. I told my father that I will do it. I was so happy that my father had agreed to keep him.
My father let Ollie sit on his lap and we finished our picnic. I wanted to go to the stream. I told my parents and they agreed. We took a walk on the stream. It was so beautiful and clean. We saw the squirrels jumping from one branch to another. We had a fun time, running around and playing with Ollie.
When we returned home, I made a bed for Ollie in the corner of my room. I kissed him good night and slept with a smile on my face.

The end.
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