The first day back at school
This short story depicts the first day back at school for a group of friends who are going to be second graders. The emotions are mixed, they are nervous and excited. The spirit is upbeat, they are eager to meet their friends again and learn new things. If your kids are anxious about going back to school, this may just be the story!
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"I can't wait to go back to school!" said Mike.

"Me too! I can't wait to see our friends again!" said Melanie.

"I am also excited, but I am also nervous because it is my first day in the second grade," said Chris.

"Don't worry! You will do great," said Mike.

The day finally came for Mike and his friends to go back to school. They were all very excited because they were going to be second graders!

Mike walked into the classroom and saw his friends already there.

"Hi Mike, I am happy to see you," said Melanie.

"I am also glad to see you," said Chris.

Mrs. Jones walked into the classroom with a big smile on her face, because she was also excited for school to begin again.

"Welcome back everyone! I am glad that you are all here," said Mrs. Jones, "I hope that everyone had a good summer."

The kids all said that they had a great summer.

"But I was wondering if you could tell me what you did over the summer?", said Mrs. Jones.

"The first thing I remember doing over the summer was reading with my family," said one boy. "Then we went to the park where we played on the swings and got food."

"I remember when we went on a canoe ride at a place where my family camps for summer," said Mike.

"I had fun at home over the summer because I got to read books from the library and talk on the phone with my friends," Melanie added.

"I went to the circus and saw all of the animals there," said Chris.

"It sounds like you all did a lot of fun activities over your summer breaks," Mrs. Jones told her students.

"We did have a great time," said Melanie, "but we are also very excited to begin our first lesson of the year."

"We are all very excited," said Chris, "but I was wondering if you could tell us what we will be learning this year?"

"You will be learning about reading, writing, math, science and social studies," said Mrs. Jones, "you will also be learning about subjects that you have already started in kindergarten and first grade."

The kids were happy that they were going to learn new subjects as well as subjects that they already knew, because it would make it easier for them to learn new things.

The kids happily started their first lesson and they were reading books with words in it! Mrs. Jones wrote the words in big size on the blackboard, so they could see how words are written.

Mike loved looking at how many words he knew already while Melanie enjoyed seeing how many new words she could learn during her second-grade year at school.

Chris was also happy because he got to see all his friends again after being apart from them for three months over the summer break.

Time flew by and the kids didn't even notice. How fun it was to be back at school and they can't wait for all the new adventures to unfold.












"我记得夏天做的第一件事就是和家人一起读书,"一个男孩说。 "然后我们去公园玩秋千,吃好吃的。"












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