The monster from another dimension

This is a mystical story about a girl, who accidentally is being taken to another dimension where she meets a big and ugly monster! How did it happen? Did she manage to get back safe? Listen to this story to find out!
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It was a cool September evening. Leaves on the trees had already started to the color orange. Megan was sitting in her room alone and watching the fire in the fireplace. Then, suddenly she heard a strange noise. It was coming from the basement.

Megan was scared because she had locked the door of the basement, but she decided to go down the stairs to see what was making that strange noise anyway. She slowly went down, and when she got to the last step, she heard a loud noise and saw a big and ugly monster.

The monster grabbed her and took her to its house, where there were a lot of candies and toys.

Megan was less scared now and thought the monster would not hurt her. However soon Megan started feeling sick and tired. Then she realized that the monster had drugged her with candies as a trap for kids.

She knew that if she stayed there any longer, the monster would eat her up! So, Megan decided to escape as soon as possible.

She tried to climb on top of the cupboard where everything was stored, but something heavy fell on top of her and knocked her out!

When Megan woke up again, she found herself lying in her bed with some doctors standing around her bed.

"How did I get here?" asked Megan surprised.

"We found you lying unconscious near your house." Then they left the room.

Megan felt very weak; then she heard someone talking outside: "I am sorry about what happened to your daughter". It was Megan's mom!

"How is my daughter?" asked Megan's mom anxiously.

"She is fine now", said one of them.

"Can I see my daughter now?" asked Megan's mom eagerly.

"Yes", said one of them, "But first you have to show us your basement ".

With fear, Megan's mom took them to the basement of their house and showed them everything in detail. Then they left saying that they were going to investigate this case further.

After some time, a policeman came into Megan's room with two other people who looked like scientists.

The policeman said, "We have brought someone who wants to talk with you ".

One of those people came forward and said, "You are lucky Miss. We have invented a machine that can put people into another dimension and the portal opened in your basement. The connection was not steady, that's why something heavy fell on you and knocked you out."

"What about the monster and its house with candies?"

"That's just an illusion. It happens often when people enter another dimension."

"So how did you find me, " asked Megan curiously.

"Well," he answered, "when we realized that our machine didn't work properly, we found you when we traced the portal. "

"So, what is going to happen now?" wondered Megan.

"We are going to leave you alone so you can rest properly, but before leaving, could you please sign these papers which will make sure that no one will ever know today's incident? And we would really appreciate it if you don't tell your parents the details."

As soon as he finished saying this, the policeman took him outside along with his other colleague.

Megan dozed off again. In her dream, she was back at the Monster's house eating candies.

梅根很害怕,因为地下室的门是锁着的呀。 但她还是决定下楼去看看是什么发出了这种奇怪的声音。她缓缓的往下走,走到最后一步的时候,听到一声巨响,然后就看到了一个又大又丑的怪物。







"我们发现你躺在你家附近,不省人事。" 然后他们就出去了。


















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