A letter to Santa Claus
A young girl Diana is visiting her grandparents for the holiday. She wants a horse for the stables and her grandma suggests a princess horse instead. A princess horse has golden wings and hooves and is as tame as a lamb. "That's what I want", Diana declares and she tells Santa all about it in a letter. Did Santa grant her wish?

Diana can be personalized in this story.

Diana was visiting her grandparents. After a long day outside, she came back to the house, where her grandma was already waiting with a cup of cacao. "Diana, have you already written a letter to Santa Claus?", asked her grandma.

"Not yet! But grandpa and I are going to put it in a tube with a map of the chimney." said Diana.

"Then we can tell Santa Claus what we want for Christmas." said grandma. "What do you want for Christmas?" asked her grandma again.

"I want…..I want a horse for the stables."

And she told her grandparents all about it.

"This is a good idea!" said her grandpa, "but you should write to Santa that you would like a princess horse!"

"But how do I know which one of the horses he will give me?" asked Diana.

"Well," replied grandma," if he gives you this horse it will be an easy ride, because your grandpa has told me that this horse is as tame as a lamb."

And then she told Diana about the princess horse with wings and hooves of gold.

"This is what Santa will bring me", shouted Diana excitedly! And then she went up to the attic to write to Santa Claus with the other grandchildren who were visiting their grandparents at the same time.

Diana was so excited about getting a princess horse for Christmas that she couldn't sleep. She stayed up late writing a letter to Santa Claus, telling him all about how she wanted a horse for the stables, but that she would also love a princess horse with wings and hooves of gold.

The next day, when Diana woke up, she ran to the kitchen to see if her grandparents had already put the letter in the tube to go to Santa. But they said they hadn't had time yet. Diana was so impatient that she couldn't wait any longer, so she decided to put the letter in the tube herself.

A few days later, on Christmas Eve, Diana's grandparents were putting all the presents under the tree. When they got to the bottom of the tree, they found a big present with Diana's name on it. They knew it was from Santa Claus! Diana was so excited as she opened it and found inside a beautiful princess horse with wings and hooves of gold!

Diana named her Sadie and they became best friends. Sadie would follow Diana around the stables and Diana would take her for long rides through the countryside.

戴安娜正在拜访她的祖父母。在外面过了长长的一天后,她回到家,奶奶已经端着一杯可可在等她了。 "戴安娜,你已经给圣诞老人写过信了吗?"她的祖母问道。






"这是一个好主意!" "她的爷爷说,"但是你应该写信给圣诞老人说你想要一匹公主马!








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