Money for Grandma's Gift
Do you talk to your kids about money, and if yes, what do you teach them about this complex subject? In this story, little girl Melinda wants to buy a gift for grandma's birthday. Instead of giving her money directly, Melinda's parents give her the opportunity to figure something out herself. Is Melinda successful in accomplishing her 'mission impossible'? Please take a listen!
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"Grandma's birthday is coming up, and I wanted to buy her a bag of coffee beans from our favorite coffee shop." Melinda declared to her mom.

"Do you have money for it?" Melinda's mom asks.

"Will what I have in my piggy bank be enough?"

"Maybe not ."

"Then how can I make money?", Melinda is now worried.

"I don't know if you can get a job, but what about selling your toys? You could display them in our yard and see if people would want to buy them."

"I don't want to sell my toys, mom! ", Melinda says.

"Oh right, well I guess we'll just have to think of something else," says her mother.

Melinda walks back to her room trying to figure something out. She then remembers her treasure box sitting under her bed. She drags the box out and rummages through the box until she finds a small wooden chest with strange symbols on it. She opens it carefully, and inside are tiny figurines made from clay. There are three of them: a man, an elf, and one that is neither man nor elf but has both human and elf features.

"I remember these. I made them in the craft class last year! The teacher said I have a great imagination. I think I know what to do now," Melinda says with excitement.

Melinda puts on her coat and heads outside to find people willing to buy her figurines. She has no trouble selling all three because they are so unique, and nobody has seen anything like that before.

"I have enough money for grandma's gift!" Melinda tells her mother as she comes home with the coffee beans from their favorite coffee shop in tow.

"But where did you get money from?" Melinda senses some anger in her mom's voice and begins to cry while explaining what she has done, and she apologizes for not have asked permission from her mother or father first.

"Oh, don't cry baby. I am so proud of you," Melinda's mother says, "I can't believe you sold the figurines you made to buy grandma a gift!"

Melinda's father comes home from work and greets his wife and daughter. "How were your day ladies?".

"Great!" Melinda answers, "I made some money today." She holds up the coins in her hand so that her father can see them.

"You did? How did you do that?".

Melinda tells her dad all about the figurines. Her dad is not only very proud but also encourages her to make more.

The next day, when Melinda's mother comes home from work, she asks "I'm going to go to the store, do you want to go with me?"

"Sure!" Melinda agrees. "I'll take my figurines with me so I can show them to the store owner."

When they get to the store, they see that it is full of all sorts of toys but there are no figurines like Melinda's anywhere in sight.

The store owner is very nice. He agrees for Melinda to sell her figurines in the store and shows Melinda where she can put her figurines. As soon as she puts them down, a young woman walks by and sees them.

"Oh, my goodness," the woman gasps, "those are the most beautiful figurines I have ever seen! How much do you want for each one of them?"

Melinda tells her that they are $5 each, and the woman hands over the money immediately. Melinda gives one dollar to the store owner, one dollar to her mother for taking her there.

Melinda is so excited about her experience that she can't wait to get home and tell her father all about it. When they walk in the door, Melinda's father is reading the newspaper.

"I made lots of money today," Melinda tells him, "I'm going to put it in my piggy bank now."

"Wow!" Her father says, "Your figurines must be so popular. I'm very proud of you for doing such a good job on your own. I hope you know that you can always make money on your own when you know how."

Melinda feels so grown up and responsible now, that she has money from her own work.














梅琳达的爸爸下班回家了。 "女士们今天过得怎么样?"。





"好!"梅琳达回答道。 "我会带着我的小泥人儿,这样我就可以给店主看。"


店主非常友好。 他同意梅琳达在他的店里卖小泥人儿,并告诉梅琳达可以放在哪儿。梅琳达刚把她的泥人儿放在架子上,就有一名年轻女子走过。


梅琳达告诉她,每个 5 美元,女人立即买了一个。梅琳达给了店主一美元,又给她妈妈一美元来谢谢她带自己过来。





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