Ollie and The Secret Cave
Once upon a time, there was a little dog named Ollie. He loved to play with his friends and run in the fields.
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"Once upon a time, there was a little dog named Ollie. He loved to play with his friends and run in the fields.
Ollie and his friends were playing outside on a sunny day.
"Hey Ollie!" said one of the friends. "Let's go on an adventure today!"
"Okay, let's go!" said Ollie. "Where shall we go?"
"I think we should go to the mountains," said another friend. "I heard that it is very beautiful there."
The three friends packed their backpacks with some food and water bottles and some toys and they went to the mountains.
They walked for hours until they reached a mountain that looked very high from where they were standing.
"Wow! This mountain looks so beautiful," said Ollie. "I can't wait to climb it."
They started climbing the mountain. It was harder than they thought, but the view from above was worth it all!
The whole world looked so different from up there! They stayed up there for hours just looking at the view until suddenly one of them saw something in the distance. A big, black cloud, heading towards them... And then suddenly it started raining hard! They had no shelter and could not see anything because of all the raindrops hitting their faces! The wind also started blowing strong around them…so hard that they had to hold onto something or else they would be blown away…
But then one of them noticed something: a cave next to them. They quickly ran inside. The cave was small but big enough for all 3 dogs to fit in, and luckily enough, for some reason, there were no wild animals inside. So they stayed there for hours. And when night came, they decided to sleep, but before sleeping, one of them noticed that one end of the cave seemed lighter than other parts.
So he went over there, and low and behold he found a hole, which let moonlight through. They were amazed by how lucky they were. The rain stopped too, and everything seemed perfect, except that their backpacks got wet. Luckily enough, their food was not spoiled.
The next morning, when dawn came, they woke up, feeling refreshed. But when they saw each other, they screamed out loud. Because all 3 dogs turned grey!!! But after 10 minutes passed, they started laughing about this incident. After which, all 3 dogs decided that this place is too good not to share with others.
It did not take long before people heard about this place. Many people came here, some even built houses here. Ollie continued to explore the world with his friends, leaving behind him lots of stories about his adventures.
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