Ollie to the Rescue
Story how Ollie and Tammy met a wizard named Merlin on their way home
Ollie is a dog who lives in a small town with his owner, Tammy. One day, Tammy takes Ollie to the park. They play fetch and run around for hours. They are so happy they don't notice the time go by. Suddenly, it's dark outside, and they have to go home.

Tammy walks Ollie home and goes inside to make dinner. Ollie is so tired he falls asleep on the couch and doesn't wake up until morning!

The next day, Tammy takes Ollie to the park again. They play fetch and run around for hours. This time, Tammy notices that it's getting dark outside, so she decides to head home with Ollie before it gets too late.

On their way home, they see a wizard named Merlin standing on top of a hill in the distance. Tammy has no idea who he is, but she decides to walk closer to him just in case he needs help. When they get close enough, Merlin sees them and waves hello!

He tells them that he's looking for his magic wand which fell out of his pocket as he was walking down the hill earlier that morning! He asks if Tammy would mind helping him find it because he can't seem to remember where he dropped it! Tammy agrees because she likes helping people.

They start looking at every bush and tree near where Merlin remembers dropping his wand, but they can't find it anywhere! Suddenly, Merlin starts glowing bright green from head to toe as if something magical just happened! He looks at Tammy with a huge smile on his face and says "I found my wand!"
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