Princess Sofia and Unicorn
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Once upon a time, there was a little princess named Sophia. Many different animals lived in the forests. In the spring the forest was really colorful, from the many birds and butterflies. The little princess loved being in the forest. She danced among the butterflies, played with the rabbits, and fed the birds. Even the fox and the deers liked the little princess very much. One day the adults were talking about someone having seen a unicorn in the forest and everyone was very excited. Sophia didn't understand the excitement. What was a unicorn? She decided to ask her mom. Her mom told her that a unicorn is a magical horse. It has a horn on its forehead and a long, golden mane. It is a very rare animal and it is said that it is very helpful to humans. Sophia was very excited. She wanted to meet a unicorn so badly. She asked her mom to take her to the forest as soon as it was spring. Her mom was very happy to go.

When they got to the forest, they saw many colorful flowers, butterflies, and birds. Sophia was very happy. Then she heard a noise from the bushes. She looked at the bushes and what did she see? The unicorn! Sophia was so excited that she started dancing and singing in the forest. The unicorn came out of the bushes and started to dance with Sophia. Everyone in the forest was happy. They were dancing and singing for the rest of the day. All of the animals in the forest loved Sophia, Sophia was very happy. Sophia loved the forest and the forest loved Sophia.

The end.
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