An ordinary day of a superhero
Our beloved character Ollie Flash returns! In this new episode of the superhero series, Ollie is going to use his superpower in Melbourne, Australia. Have you ever wondered how a superhero spends his or her day? What does a superhero do when they encounter obstacles? Find out now!
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Ollie Flash the super dog is in Melbourne. He's there to protect everyone from the bad guys.

He's strong, he's smart, and he's got superpowers. Like all the other superheroes, Ollie Flash also wears a costume so that he cannot be recognized. He wears a green wide gown, there is a yellow lightning bolt on his purple cap, and he wears a black blindfold.

Today Ollie Flash is on a mission to save a mother and her kids from a crime, but he got stuck in traffic. He was driving his car through the streets of Melbourne, but he couldn't find a way out of the traffic. There were cars everywhere and no one would let him move.

All of a sudden, Ollie Flash had an idea! He pulled out his cell phone and called for help.

"Hello, I'm Ollie Flash and I need some help," said Ollie Flash.

"What's wrong?" said the person on the other end of the line.

"I'm trying to get to a place, but there are cars blocking my way," answered Ollie Flash. "Can you please help me?"

"Sure," said the person on the other end of the line. "I'll come and move all these cars."

"Thank you so much!" said Ollie Flash as he hung up his cell phone and waited patiently for the person to come and move all these cars.

Soon, a man dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a yellow lightning bolt on his chest came to Ollie Flash's rescue.

"I'm here to move all these cars," said the man in the blue jumpsuit. "It's going to take me some time, so I need you to go somewhere else."

"Sure," said Ollie Flash. "I'll go grab a cup of coffee and come back later."

Ollie Flash went to a nice-looking coffee shop at the corner of the street. Five minutes later, he heard a loud noise coming from the street. He turned around and saw that all of the cars on the street were gone!

"Wow!" exclaimed Ollie Flash as he walked out into the street. "This is amazing! How did you do this?"

"I just moved them over there," explained the man in the blue jumpsuit as he pointed towards a parking lot across the street. The cars were parked right next to each other, leaving no room for any other car. "That way there's more space for people who need it."

"Thanks!" said Ollie Flash as he shook hands with the man in the blue jumpsuit. "You're my hero!"

"Bye!" he said as he got back into his car and drove away to continue his mission!

Ollie Flash drives on to the next street and then sees a lady with two kids who were about to cross the street. 'Ah, that's them!'. He quickly swerves his car and stops it in front of them.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" yelled one of the kids.

"Sorry," said Ollie Flash, "I was just trying to stop you."

The little girl looked at Ollie Flash and smiled. "That's okay," she said, "but we still need to cross the street."

"Okay, I'll go first," said Ollie Flash.

He sped across the street, almost hit a motorcycle, and then stopped in front of them again. "Now you can cross."

The little girl smiled and took her brother's hand as they crossed the street with their mother. "Thank you," said their mother as she waved goodbye to Ollie Flash.

Little did they knew that if it was not for Ollie Flash, they would have been robbed by the guy on the motorcycle.

Ollie Flash continued driving down the street when he saw the motorcycle again! He followed the bad guy until he rode into an alleyway.

"Hey!" yelled Ollie Flash as he ran after him. "Come back here!"

The bad guy ditched his bike, and just before Ollie Flash was able to reach him, he jumped over a fence into a backyard. That didn't stop Ollie Flash! He jumped over the fence too, but when he landed on the other side there was a dog barking at him, and the bad guy ran away again.

This time Ollie Flash had an idea: he would pretend to be a dog who wanted to play with the bad guy! So, he took off his cape and transformed into his dog self, and he ran up behind the bad guy, wagging his tail enthusiastically. When he got close enough to grab him, that's when he pulled out his handcuffs and arrested him.

"This is a good day", Ollie Flash thought to himself. He had stopped traffic to save a lady with two kids and also caught the bad guy.

"Thank you, Ollie Flash!", he could almost see everyone waving at him to thank their superhero.

Ollie Flash smiled and waved back to his imaginary audience, then drove away in his car.


他很强壮,他很聪明,而且他有超能力。像所有其他超级英雄一样,奥利闪电也有一套制服,以防被人认出。他通常会穿绿色的斗篷,戴黑色的眼罩, 紫色的帽子上还有一道黄色的闪电。






"当然,"电话那头的人说。 "我来把这些车都搬走。"



"我来把这些车移开,"蓝色连身衣男子说。 "这需要我花一些时间,所以你先离开一会儿吧。"

"当然,"奥利说。 "我去喝杯咖啡,一会儿回来。"


"天哪!"奥利走到街上叫道。 "这太神奇了!你是怎么做到的?"



"谢谢!",奥利一边说,一边和穿着蓝色连身衣的男子握手。 "你是我的英雄!"


奥利闪电开到下一条街,看到一位女士带着两个孩子正要过马路。 "啊,就是他们!"。他迅速扭转方向盘,停在他们面前。


"对不起", 奥利说,"我只是想阻止你们。"

小女孩看着奥利,笑了。 "没关系",她说,"但是我们还是要过马路啊。"


他飞快地穿过街道,差点撞上一辆摩托车,然后又把车停在了他们面前。 "现在你们可以过了。"





"你!"奥利追着他喊道。 "回来!"






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