The Bank Heist
Kids story about a superhero Paul Flash
Paul Flash is sitting and reading the newspaper (or sleeping, I'm not quite sure). Suddenly his phone rings. Paul Flash grabs his phone and answers it. A familiar voice is heard on the other side. "Good Paul Flash, I'm in a bit of a fix over here." The voice says. Paul Flash looks out the window and sees Ollie walking up to him in need of help. "Alright, Ollie, I'm coming!"

Paul Flash says as he hangs up the phone. Paul Flash then grabs his cape and helmet and runs out the door of his home. Finally Paul Flash reaches Ollie. "Hi Ollie, what's the matter?" Paul Flash asks. "There is a villain who is trying to steal all the gold coins from the bank!" Ollie says. "Which bank is that?" Paul Flash says. He grabs a map from his pocket and looks for a bank with money.

"The bank of America, this way!" Ollie says and points into the direction of the bank. Ollie takes Paul Flash directly to the bank. "Well, here you go!" Paul Flash says. Ollie then rushes inside the bank and Paul Flash follows closely. They walk through the bank until they reach the main office.

"Hey villain! What do you think you're doing!" Paul Flash says while pointing towards the villain. "It's only a game you silly panda." The villain said. Suddenly the villain grabs some bags with money from the place where the tellers usually sit.

"Not so fast villain." Paul Flash says. Paul Flash then jumps up onto a big screen and starts to spin around. He starts to spin faster and faster until he becomes a tornado. He then spins down onto the villain and grabs some of the bags with money. "Ahhh! Get this panda away from me!" The villain yells. He then throws the bags of money towards Paul Flash. "Oh no you don't." Paul Flash says as he grabs all of the money. The bags of money then get stuck onto Paul Flash. Paul Flash is then able to grab the villain and throw him into a jail cell in the bank.

"Hey Paul Flash, thanks for helping me," Ollie says. "No problem Ollie." Paul Flash says. "Please take this as a gift," Ollie says. Ollie then gives Paul Flash a golden coin. Ollie then says goodbye to Paul Flash and leaves the bank. "Alright, this is my golden coin. I'm going to give it to my friend Mary. Hopefully, she likes it." Paul Flash says.

Paul Flash then walks over to a box with a letter on it. It says "Mary, how are you, your pal Paul Flash". Paul Flash then reaches for the letter and puts it into his pocket. He then leaves the bank. Paul Flash now has to go to the place where his friend Mary lives!

The End
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