The Unicorn without Magic
Can Ollie and Ella help Pinky find him his magic wand?
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"One day, as Ella was walking around in her forest, she met a pink unicorn named Pinky. The unicorn was very sad.
"What's the matter?" asked Ella.
"I lost my magic wand and now I can't fly," said the unicorn.
"I'll help you find it," said Ella. "What was it like?"
"It had a heart on it," said Pinky.
"I think I saw it when I was flying yesterday," said Ella.
"Really? Where?" asked Pinky.
"I'll have to think about it," said Ella. "I will let you know when I find it."
"Thank you," said Pinky.
Ella went home and told Ollie about Pinky.
"Let's go find Pinky's magic wand!" said Ella.
"Let's go," said Ollie.
The next day, Ella and Ollie flew over the forest and saw Pinky's magic wand. It was stuck in a tree.
"Pinky," shouted Ella. "I found your magic wand!"
Pinky ran over to Ella.
"Thank you! You are my best friends ever!" said Pinky.
"You're welcome," said Ella.
After Pinky flew away, Ollie said, "You're the best friend ever, Ella."
"Thank you, Ollie," said Ella.

The End
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