Time for homework
This is a mini-story about a boy Daniel, who finished his homework on time although he really wanted to go out and play. Not a bad story to remind your kids that summer is for playing but also for learning! What kind of homework is Daniel doing? Find out together with your kids.
Time for homework
This is a personalized story created for Danniel
Like many kids, Danniel wanted to spend time outside, but Danniel had some homework to do. What kind of homework is Danniel doing?
Find out in this story!
Danniel woke up and saw that it was a sunny day. He decided to go for a walk in the park. On his way, he met his friend, Katie. They decided to play on the playground together. Oliver had lots of fun on the playground with Katie and their friends. But after a while, they got hungry. So they decided to go home and make some sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch, Danniel wanted to play again with his friends but he had homework to do so he went inside and started working on it right away.

The homework had some interesting questions.

"If you were given an opportunity to be a superhero what would your name be?"

"I would like my name to be "Super Girl" because she can fly and she has super strength. She can stop any bad guy or girl from stealing or hurting people or animals!
She is also really cute! I would also want my power to be flying because I love flying in airplanes! I also love roller coasters! I have been on many roller coasters in my lifetime but my favorite one was at Holiday World called The Raven! It is so much fun!!! If you ever get the chance, you should go ride it!!!"

"What superpower would you want?"

"I would want super strength because I could lift anything and everything I wanted!!! My favorite thing in the world is lifting heavy rocks or trees, and having a good time doing it!!!!"

"Where do you think your character will go after this story ends?"

"I think that she will go back home after her adventure at the park with her friends and probably have supper with her family because she will be very hungry after all of that running around! Then maybe she will do her homework or read a book until she falls asleep!"

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