A unicorn and an elf, BFF

Once upon a time, on a magic island, there lived unicorns, fairies and elves. At an elf party, unicorn Ruby met a little elf called Arthur. He had kind eyes and a smiley face, although he was not very good at catching balls. Rudy decided to play with him and from there a friendship blossomed.
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Once upon a time, on a magic island, there was a unicorn called Ruby. She had a special power to fly high and far. On the same island also lived fairies and elves.

One day, Ruby flew over the island and saw that the elves were having a party. She thought it would be interesting to see what they are doing. She flew down to the forest and landed near the party. There were lots of food, games, music, and laughter.

Ruby was surprised to see fairies dancing with elves and she decided to join in the fun.

After a while, she saw an elf boy playing with a ball under a tree. There was no one else around so she decided to play with him too. The elf wasn't very good at catching so Ruby caught all his balls for him!

When she was about to leave, she touched his shoulder and he turned around. He had kind eyes and a smiley face!

"Thank you for helping me," he said "I'm Arthur by the way."

"I'm Ruby!" said Ruby smiling back at him "It's nice to meet you."

Then she flew away happily because she had made her first elf friend on the island!

Ruby and Arthur went to the forest every day and played together.

One day when they were in the forest again, Ruby saw a butterfly. It was beautiful!

She tried to catch it so she could keep it as a pet, but she couldn't because butterflies are too fast!

Arthur had an idea, he told Ruby to close her eyes and hold out her hand.

He then created a butterfly net in his hands.

He gave the butterfly net to Ruby and when she opened her eyes, there was the butterfly!

Ruby was so happy that Arthur had helped her catch it!

They took the butterfly home with them so they could look after it.

One day, the butterfly flew away! Ruby was so sad!

Arthur was so sorry, he said, "I don't want you to be sad."

"It's okay," said Ruby "Don't worry. As long as you are here with me!"

The next day, Arthur saw a butterfly sitting on an apple tree. He ran up and tried to catch it.

When the butterfly realized that Arthur was there, it flew away from him and into a bush. "I'll get you!" said Arthur as he chased after the butterfly.

The butterfly flew into a flower that grew on top of a rock!

Arthur tried to catch it, but he couldn't because the rock was too slippery.

Then he remembered that Ruby could fly high and far so she could get it!

He ran over to her and told her what had happened.

Ruby flew up high and far and got the butterfly for him.

They were both so happy because they had caught a butterfly together, again!

"I really like you, Ruby," said Arthur "and I think we should be friends forever!"

'I feel the same', agreed Ruby.

Ruby and Arthur were very happy together. They would play all sorts of games together on the magic island.






"我是露比!" 露比对他微笑着说,"很高兴认识你。"











亚瑟很抱歉的说, "我不想让你难过。"











"露比我真的很喜欢你", 亚瑟说,"我们永远做朋友好不好!"



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