Where is Tinto
Will Ella find her friend Tinto?
A good little fairy named Ella once lived in a fairy forest in the middle of a beautiful fairy island. Ella loved the fairy forest. Every morning she whizzed off as fast as her little wings could carry. She was quick and agile. She shot up with a loud laugh, spinning as fast as she could. The wings fluttered in the wind. Ella wished everyone living in the fairy forest a wonderful good morning. A friendly smile and wave and she was gone again. Because today she was in a hurry, she had something exciting to do!
Ella made her way over to the edge of the forest. She was looking for an animal that she had been watching for days. It was called a deer, and it had been living in the woods. Ella found it in the clearing of trees and bushes.

She saw it eating from a bush. She waved at it, but it ran away in fright. Ella flew back to the other side of the forest and knocked on a tree.

"Hello!" she shouted. "My name is Ella, and I am a good fairy! Can I come in?"
The person inside opened the door a crack and said, "No!"
Ella nodded her head in understanding and left the treehouse, feeling just a little disappointed that she could not visit with him or her today.
The next day, Ella flew to the edge of the forest, but she couldn't find the deer.
"Where can it be?" she wondered. Ella flew back to the treehouse and knocked on the door.
"Hello!" she shouted. "My name is Ella, and I am a good fairy! Can I come in?"
The person inside opened the door a crack and said, "Yes!"

Ella looked around and saw the animal, just as it was about to leap into the bushes. "Hello, deer!" she called. The deer stopped in its tracks and turned around. Ella flew over to the animal and said, "How are you today?"

The deer looked at her with large eyes and said, "Hello, Ella! I am doing well."
"Good!" Ella exclaimed.
"I have something very important to ask you." The deer nodded its head, but it did not say anything.
"I am looking for a friend of mine," Ella said. "His name is Tinto." "Tinto?" the deer repeated in a high voice. "I know Tinto! He lives in a treehouse not far from here." Ella jumped up with excitement. "Thank you so much for your help!" she exclaimed happily before flying away from the clearing, and back to the other side of the forest.

Ella flew up to the tree that had a small house on it. Tino was sitting on the balcony, waiting for her. "Hello, Ella!" he shouted.
"Hello, Tinto!" Ella called back.
"I'm so happy to see you again!" Tinto jumped down from the balcony and ran to Ella. They hugged and laughed and talked all morning long. Ella was so happy that she had finally found Tino. She was incredibly grateful for the help of the deer.
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